Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation

Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation

Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation IYDSF is a rural youth-led non-governmental, not- for-profit company that uses the power of sport to educate, inspire and mobilize at-risk youth in Ngqushwa local municipality, Prudhoe community in the Eastern Cape.


Mainstream youth in all spheres of society. We use our sport programme as a vehicle to teach life skills. To promote healthy living among youth, and academic excellence. Our Foundation then assists young people in forging their future by helping them access training and employment opportunities. We provide promising students with bursary assistance and ongoing support. To combat crime through integrated, holistic youth development through sport.

Strategic Intent

Empower young people so that a dream of a crime free society wherein the youth is safe, employable, academically achieving, healthy and socially connected is realized.


Empowered, self-reliant youth who initiate and participate in socio-economic development both of self and others trapped in similar socio-economic conditions.

Ukhuselo Lwa-Bantwana Edu-Sport Safe-Hub          

Project description                                          

Ukhuselo Lwa-Bantwana is a Xhosa word meaning child protection / safeguarding. The hub aims to base interventions on common challenges that hinder children and youth. Thus, we aim to advance their personal development to contribute to accumulative societal change.

Programme goal
We envision quality early childhood learning and after-school programmes for all groups by the end of 2021 and beyond.

Programme objectives                                

The Safe-Hub is aimed at achieving the following strategic objectives:

  • Provide a safe space for sport activities with quality after-school programmes for youth.
  • Contribute to accumulative societal change through life skills, learning, entrepreneurship, Sport and development.
  • Facilitate regular and ongoing attendance at safe hub activities.
  • Use non-formal, informal educational techniques to impart skills and knowledge through sport.
  • Help and develop children cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally.
  • Facilitate regular Safe Hub ECD programmes in safe, enabling environment.

Theory of Change                                        

The Safe Hub’s Theory of Change is based on a theoretical model of dealing with challenges that young people from rural communities encounter on daily basis. The model maps out a journey co-designed with young people towards sustainable livelihoods.

In-School-Out-Of-School Programme

What we do                                                               

IYDSF is a youth-led organization that uses the power of sport to educate, motivate, and inspire children and youth to overcome challenges, and live healthy and productive lives, whilst being game changers in their communities. In addition, programmes encourage community participation, contribute to crime prevention strategies, and promote rural youth safety.

How we do it                                            

We use sports as a vehicle for learning and youth development for female and male youths. To facilitate holistic youth development, we offer and incorporate life skills and work readiness into our programmes.


1. Life skills                                        

IYDSF understands that life skills are essential to achieving healthy and productive outcomes.

2. Permaculture - Inter schools garden competition                                              

We encourage primary school learners to participate in food gardening – providing for the nutrition needs of the schools and surrounding communities. Each year, primary schools in Ngqushwa municipality are invited to participate in the IYDSF inter-school food gardening competition. Learners and educators are trained in permaculture and receive a starter pack kit for their food garden. These gardens are maintained by learners and parents.

3. Linking students to higher education funding

One of the primary obstacles to rural youth progressing after completing secondary education, is having the financial resources to follow a higher education learning track. IYDSF, through partnering with the CATHSSETA, link beneficiaries to bursary opportunities.

4. Raising up Game Changer Champions 

IYDSF, while addressing need for opportunities to further education, substance abuse and drugs, high levels of youth crime, gender equity, and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, also focus on determinants of health such as education and employment, to ensure adolescents stay on positive path into adulthood. Game Changer Champions are programme participants who have been engaged in the programme for some time. They are mentored to support and act as role models to younger participants. A total of 50 Game Changer Champions are trained and mentored each year. Key game changer committments:
• Engaging physical fitness
• Avoiding drugs and alcohol
• Employability
• Community service

5. Game Changer placement

Game changer programme is not formal employment but psychometric assessment for jobs and learning pathways; work readiness and life skills programme. However, programme participants receive a monthly stipend. It is a 12 months intensive programme targeted at addressing skills mismatch, and fully cognisant of future of works. Game changer programme targets second chance, unemployed youth and gappers (Matriculants and students taking a gap year). On completion, young people are linked to first time job opportunities to gain work experience; and skills development programmes. During this stage, the necessary attributes, skills, behaviour and attitudes are installed through implementation of the in-school-out-of-school programme. Thus, increased prospect of success when an opportunity arises; and curbing learner drop out from skills development programmes, whilst producing responsible future workforce. Further, voluntarism in its very nature result in self-discovery – many game changers never knew they would be able to organize and manage events; facilitate workshops and do presentations; community service and advocacy work. Game Changer programme accords them that opportunity - self-discovery. Ultimately, game changers are able to predict and gauge their future prospects, especially as regards to career pathing. Imagine three wasted years of study - game changer programme has proved to be useful in averting such human regrets; soft skills and incremental planning have enabled our programme participants to thrive in the job market.

About organisation

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Non-profit organziation


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