International Sport Organization

International Sport Organization

International Sport Organization (ISO) is a non-profit organisation aiming to develop sports in particular Bionatural registry around the world.

The aims of the organisation are:

  • To help organisations to reach their goal
  • To help manage organisations by giving assistance (management, consultancy, insurance, general services, administrations and consultancy to reach national and international recognition)
  • To keep updated and maintained the Bionatural International Registry
  • To organise training around the world for bionatural disciplines
  • To develop Sport for All and physical activity globally
  • To develop Bionatural disciplines over the world

Our staff is composed of professionals, coaches and sports managers, able to assist you and your organisations to reach your aim and to reach your target.

One of our best practice is the International Bionatural Registry, aiming to register the all the certified centers and professionals of this sector, all over the world.

About organisation

Organisation type

Non-profit organization
International organisation
Non-profit organisation/charity/NGO/INGO


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