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Boys and girls playing together. One of our main focus is on gender inclusion during the sports sessions.
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Monkey Sports

Monkey Sports is a social enterprise that is trying to use sports to promote quality education and well-being of children in schools.

Established in 2018, Monkey Sports has grown in scope and scale and now works in different areas of Sports for Development. Monkey Sports follows the ideology to promote a balanced lifestyle in children so that children can make informed decisions related to their daily lives. Monkey Sports currently works with more than 740 children out of which 66% are girls and more than 55% belong to schedule caste and tribe.

The name Monkey sports defy the casualness of playing sports. In our program, we have undermined the regular competitiveness and rules that come with playing sports. We are trying to change the traditional way to define winning to teamwork, Fairplay and cooperation.

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