Physically Active Youth Namibia

Physically Active Youth Namibia

P.A.Y operates in the marginalized community of Katutura, Windhoek, where it uses sport as an enabler and tool for empowering young people through STEM focused, skill-based education, and SDG centered life skills that aim to build positive citizens able to transform their communities through sustainable, innovative development and social behavior change. In the 15 years of its existence, P.A.Y continues to alleviate the structural impediments faced by Namibian youth and has to date provided a safe space, nurturing environment to over 2300 young people who have gone on to take up careers across multiple industries and disciplines.

The core of its youth practice and ethics lies in the relationship P.A.Y establishes with the young person. P.A.Y engages the young person continuously and holistically in her/his after school time through an integrated programme of educational, sport and life skills training, with strong community–outreach, health awareness and volunteering components. Katutura is a drug ridden, alcohol infested and gang heavy area where cases of sexual exploitation and abuse are high. This is because this post-apartheid community struggles with poor educational outcomes, high unemployment and crime. P.A.Y has over 120 young people, and 14 registered teams for chess, cycling, soccer and swimming that participate in sports leagues across the country. 

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