Sport for Impact Outreach (SIO)

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Sport for Impact Outreach (SIO)

The mission is to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among children and youth in Nigeria communities. Thus achieving positive social change, peace and development.

Sport for Impact Outreach avails the tremendous power of sport to drive social change, peace and development. Being the premier youth driven sport ngo in Nigeria place her in good stead to engage powerful tool of sport to advance the sustainable development goals in Nigeria communities among youths and children in key areas of Education, Health, Peace, Gender Equality and Environmental sustainability. SIO works to consolidate efforts of government, private stakeholders, civil society organisations, ngos among others to ahcieve a healthy, inclusive and peaceful Nigeria communities.

Key targets are:-

 To inspire increased youth interest in diverse sport through active participation and in the development of domestic sport industry.

Encourage school enrolment, retention, and access to education for Nigerian child in disadvantaged communities through sport.

To contribute to a peaceful, violent free Nigeria communities by encouraging dialogue as best means of conflict resolution and promoting tolerance.

To use sport as a tool to strengthen social inclusion through building community participation through organised sporting programmes and access.

To expose youths and children to skills, information and entrepreneurial training and opportunities abounds in sport and the community at large.

To direct efforts to ameliorating the incidence of youth related physical and mental illnesses caused by drug abuse and inactive lifestyle.

To prepare young Nigerians to take active role in community youth project using sport to drive positive change.

The use of sport as a tool in the pursuit of development cooperation, humanitarian aid and peace-building efforts as championed in the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, UNOSDP, Commonwealth SDP, AU among others









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