Sports and Fitness Association of Pakistan (SFAP)

Sports and Fitness Association of Pakistan (SFAP)

Sports and Fitness Association of Pakistan is first ever sporting organization in Pakistan working for the development of community through sport, since 1989

Sports and Fitness Association of Pakistan founded by it life time founder chairman, Shahid Ulhaq in 1989 when he was in national basketball team. He realized the discrimination and injustice in the field of sport and join some likeminded Athletes to work for the rights of athletes of different games. He also worried about worst behavior of officials and policy makers of that time to prefer only game of cricket and neglected other games. Some likeminded the stars of different neglected sport meet together in Rawalpindi American Center first time, to select office bearers, on 10th day of November 1989 to form Players Appreciation Movement (PAM). The organization was formed to fight for the fundamental rights of athletes in different sports and promote its mission "Player is Important and promote all games equally". PAM uploaded the vital role to achieve its objectives through sport and physical activities and events. First time introduced the professionalism and cash prizes in the events. First ever sport award was introduced in 1990. PAM's efforts was recognized by responsible and policy makers, included National assembly of Pakistan. PAM suggested sport minister to have first ever sport conference and helped them to developing sport policy, later advised to have sport journalist conference in 1998.

In Year 2000, when world is looking to set the millennium development goals and chairman found the importance of community development and the importance of sport, he suggested to change the name and added the mission statement, approved by all governing body. PAM is converted to Sports and Fitness Association of Pakistan (SFAP) in year 2000 with the mission "Community development through Sport"

Since inception of new idea, SFAP work hard to develop its proper organized projects

Madrassha Sports Project, Khail Khilonay, Community Sport Pioneers, P-Teachers Reform, Hayee Yalal Falaa, are the main projects that contributed in community development by using sport as tool for development




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