Sports Performance Tracker

Sports Performance Tracker

Bridging The Gap Between Sports & Technology In Developing Countries

Founded in March 2017, Sports Performance Tracker (SPT) targets those coaches / players / athletes / teams who are unable to afford expensive performance tracking hardware or software or those who are casual sports players / athletes and just want to have a means of recording, tracking and analysing their performance data in order to monitor their progress.

The hope is that this project will result in

a) Player Empowerment where players / athletes will now have the ability to input, monitor and assess their own performance stats as well as promote themselves online without having to depend on their coaches or any third party sports agents for this kind of data all the time.

b) Coaching Empowerment where with the availability and promotion of these platforms, coaches will now have easy online access to real time statistical data and analytical reports which will assist them in making better assessments and decisions.

c) Equal Accessbility - to sports performance technologies that enable all players / athletes / coaches / teams to manage their sports performance data.

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