Transformational Sports

Transformational Sports

Our mission is to transform individuals and communities through co-ed sports.

Transformational Sports (TS) was formally registered in 2016 as a non-profit organization in the state of Michigan in the United States of America, but unofficially, TS had already seen its beginnings through sports and gender-based camps in India since 2014. The need to streamline the process and leverage its potential with active funding was a result of the success seen in those early camps, where sports became a powerful tool to talk to both young women and men about gender roles and gender equity, especially in societies where women are traditionally not encouraged to play sports, or where sports is considered a predominantly male endeavor.

We conduct workshops and online certification programs to train a new generation of coaches, facilitators and teams. We also incubate sports-for-development projects that focus on improving gender inequities in marginalized communities. We can take any sport and modify it to teach the fundamentals of equality and inclusion, and to care about these fundamentals more than winning.

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