Transparency in Sport

Transparency in Sport

Sports governance organizations in charge of produce a positive change in sports events and organizations.

How do we promote a positive change in Sport?

  • With the implementation of a system of self-evaluation and monitoring by relevant stakeholders.
  • The signing of agreements between local authorities and organizations-sporting events at national and subnational levels.
  • With educational activities on anti-corruption, anti-doping, good governance, integrity and transparency in sport.

This initiative will be executed in, and with:

  • Public entities; - Association or athletes’ commissions;
  • Sponsors;
  • Regional sports organizations (ODEBO, ODESUR, ODECABE, PASO)
  • Local Organizing Committees for international sporting events;
  • National Olympic Committees;
  • National Sports Federations;

Colleges, universities, and organizations that use sport as a tool for social cohesion but that are exposed to corruption and abuse. Please contact us at 

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