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World, Parks, World Cup wants to harness the power of sport to enable the young and the youth to learn about conservation and to protect the environment for future generation to come. We want to create 'Citizens of Conservation' through the power of sport.

World Parks, World Cup is a both a unique competition that is based around communities, park authorities, law enforcement and lodges within or near transfrontier boundaries and outreach programmes targeting primary school around the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. 

Local regional competitions lead to an international finals tournament, which decides the champion of the transfrontier park. With other parks joining this will eventually culminate in a grand final competition to find the ‘World Parks, World Cup’ champion.  This can help inspire people locally and globally to consider the real value behind Transfrontier Parks: People, Environment and Conservation.  

Our outreach programme targets 18 primary schools between South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, we use sport to tackle social issues such as gender equality, health, motivation, confidence and most importantly conservation.  We follow a sport for social development methodology which is brought to the schools through our community coaches, who follow a self-directed learning philosophy by listening to the students, creating and adapting games, to target local social issues.

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