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hold my hand

hold my hand

As already explained, it is not an organisation yet but it is an initiative and I will welcome partnership and sponsorship from interested and kindhearted people who will help my dreams of helping street children who abound in Ghana and other parts of the globe to also hold others hand in the near future.I believe what we are striving for now in the world is peace and I also believe there will be abundance of peace if people feel they are not neglected and are cared by others and street children

'hold my hand' is an initiative by a student who was a very talented player in his younger ages but could not continue his bright future due to injuries. .'hold my hand' as every child would say or every adult would do to help a child walk or lifts himself best describes my organisation.

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Non-profit organisation/charity/NGO/INGO


box SA 276, sepe aprampram, kumasi


+233 205 177 413


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