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Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Organisational development aims at strengthening an organisation’s capacity so it can achieve its goals and fulfil its mission.

Organisational development incorporates more than increasing the capacities of staff; it also aims at the following organisational elements:

  • Strategy and policy development (long-term planning, translating the mission into concrete goals and methods).
  • Organisational learning capacity (the ability to learn from experience and use the feedback in formulating and carrying out policy).
  • Organisational structure (formal and informal division and coordination of roles, positions and responsibilities).
  • Systems (internal processes that regulate the daily procedures of an organisation - administration, planning, budgeting, accounting, reporting, monitoring & evaluating, learning).
  • Culture (the values, principles and styles characteristic of the organisation).
  • Staff (all activities and regulations intended to motivate staff, calling on and developing the capacities of staff members).
  • Management style (roles of managers and other leaders and regulations applying to them, including behavioural patterns of managers, quality, consistency, availability, responses of people in a position of leadership).
  • Financial management (fund-raising / fund diversification, expanding income, financial planning and accounting).
  • Networking (the ability to maintain relationships and to coordinate with other relevant actors).
  • Technical competency (the ability and the means to perform specific technical duties, depending on sector and field of work).



Learning example Haarlem-Mutare Sport Leaders

The project trains sport leaders who are jointly and independently in charge of the sports activities.


Manual 'Let's start our own sports club'

A tool for community leaders that intend to improve sports in the community. The manual gives valuable straightforward tips on how to develop grass roots sport structures in Zambia. The process and tips are valuable in most context where sport structures have to be built from scratch, bottom up, using minimal resources.


Toolbox Participatory Capacity Building

A practical toolbox for internal or external facilitators of capacity building in NGOs. The tools can be used to assess an organisation's capacity and to plan for strategic and innovative directions for organisational improvement. The toolbox is tailored to developing countries, especially African organisations.

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