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Sport, education and child development

Sport, education and child development

Physical activity is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical, social and emotional health.

There is increasing consensus that sport can help in the social and educational development of children and youth. But within the areas of education, socialisation and social integration, the specific contributions of sport need to be identified.

The conditions under which sport contributes positively to child and youth development need to be further researched. The methods and mechanisms through which sport can contribute to child and youth development must also be further explored.

Sport leadership and social inclusion through sport need to be further explored in order to determine the required components of an effective sports programme that can help children and youth to fully develop their potential.

The benefits of sport reaches beyond the impact on physical well-being and the value of the educational benefits of sport should not be underestimated. To find out more about sport, education and child development, visit our Learn more section.

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