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96, 97, 98... nearly there


96, 97, 98... nearly there

Given the sportanddev Operating Team is already counting the sleeps to the 100th eNewsletter, it seems appropriate to bring everyone together to celebrate. Yes, that includes you.

sportanddev is approaching an impressive milestone - on 9 October 2013 the 100th sportanddev e-Newsletter will arrive in your inbox.

It's not normally considered polite to ask for gifts, but...

sportanddev would love for you to take a photo that 1) represents your contribution to the sport and development community and 2) creatively integrates the number 100.

This may be:

  • scribbling 100 on a piece of paper and holding it in front of a football game
  • asking project participants to somehow make 100 using their bodies
  • using equipment to make the number 100
  • printing off the special 100th newsletter logo and strategically placing it in the photo

The photos will be used to create a video showing the diversity, successes and contributions of all sport and development enthusiasts. As a bonus, the most creative submission will feature in the 100th e-Newsletter with an accompanying article highlighting their contribution to sport and development.

Once you have taken your photo, it can be tweeted through Twitter or posted to the sportanddev Facebook wall ensuring you mention @sportanddev and use the hashtag #sportanddev100.

The photo can also be emailed by following these three simple steps:

  1. Visiting the online form
  2. Entering your details and attaching the photo(s)
  3. Clicking send

In case you were wondering there are 49 sleeps and the Operating Team may be able to find some cake if you are in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland on the 9 October.

All photos must be recieved by 27 September.

By participating, you authorise sportanddev to edit, use and distribute any photos submitted as a part of this community building project.


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Matthew Ruuska


Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 15:30