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Active cities workshop at international conference

A flyer for the Smart Cities & Sport Summit, Lausanne, Switzerland, 29-31 October 2018

Active cities workshop at international conference

An exclusive active cities workshop will be offered to delegates at the leading conference on the relationship between sport and cities.

The workshop, hosted by the Active Well-being Initiative, will take place on the final afternoon of the Smart Cities & Sport Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland, from 29 to 31 October. It is the result of a new partnership between Smart Cities & Sport and the AWI’s founders, Evaleo and TAFISA, The Association For International Sport for All.

Mélanie Duparc, Secretary General of Summit organisers the World Union of Olympic Cities, said: “This workshop has been specifically designed for the participants of the Smart Cities & Sport Summit and will focus on how cities can benefit from tested solutions to make their citizens’ lives more active, healthy and happy, while having the opportunity to see their efforts recognised and certified with the Global Active City label.”

This workshop will offer a chance to learn about concrete examples of successful active city programmes in AWI partner cities such as Buenos Aires, Hamburg, Lillehammer, Liverpool, Ljubljana, and Richmond. Over 300 representatives of more than 60 cities will attend the Summit. Topics under debate will include big data, host bidding processes, women’s participation and sports innovation hubs.

It is the fifth edition of the event and this year promises to be more interactive than ever, with opportunities to take part in debates, ask questions during interviews and more. There will be a masterclass on how to drive innovation in your city, optional workshops, more opportunities for cities to connect with over 40 international sports federations, and more than 30 speakers, including Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee.

Register for the Summit or for more information read the full PDF programme. Early bird discounts before 21 September.

The Global Active City workshop will be held at the same location, the IMD Business School, on Wednesday, 31 October from 2pm to 4pm. Attendance will be free of charge for summit participants.


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