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Australia seeks to bring more transgender people to sports

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Australia seeks to bring more transgender people to sports

The Australian Commission for Human Rights established guidelines for the the nation to promote more inclusive practices for transgender people in sport in an effort to make sport more welcoming for all.

Australia set out guidelines on 13 July to make sport more inclusive for transgender and gender-diverse people as it works to change attitudes and limit discrimination.

The move, which follows widespread consultations, details how sports organisations can create more welcoming environments.

Australia’s move comes as debate rages globally about whether transgender athletes or those with differences of sex development have an unfair competitive advantage.

The guidelines cover everything from victimisation, leadership and codes of conduct, to suitable facilities, privacy and the collection of personal information. They are designed for boards, coaches, umpires and other officials and staff, while suggesting organisations encourage high-profile players to champion the initiative.

Research tells us gender-diverse people, particularly young people, want to engage more in sport and physical activity but often face or fear peer rejection,” said Sport Australia chief Kate Palmer.

Let’s ensure sport is a welcoming place that helps. Let sport be an example for broader society, showing how we can positively influence community connections and a better future.

The guidelines were developed by Sport Australia in consultation with the Australian Human Rights Commission (HRC) and the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports, whose members include Tennis Australia, Rugby Australia and Cricket Australia.

While it is unclear how widespread discrimination is, the report gave examples of a trans man being told he could not register to play for a men’s club and non-binary people prevented from accessing women’s change rooms, where they feel more comfortable.


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