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Beyond Sport 2015: Interview with Nick Keller


Beyond Sport 2015: Interview with Nick Keller

Just days away from the Beyond Sport Summit and Awards, caught up with the organisation’s founder to hear his thoughts on the impact of the organisation and event.

 How would you describe Beyond Sport’s overall impact?
Nick Keller: We see our role in this sector as bringing together organisations to learn from each other, make connections, encourage collaboration and ultimately celebrate and promote the use of sport to drive social change – across sectors, countries, sports and social issues. The nature of Beyond Sport brings together the innovators and influencers from sport, business, government and philanthropy as well as the on-the-ground practitioners to move the sector forward. What has been the biggest achievement of the Beyond Sport Summit?
Nick Keller: We have convened a vast group of individual organisations spanning 145 countries across 60+ sports and drawn these people together as a collective movement. Through the Beyond Sport Summit and Awards we have provided over £5.5 million worth of support to projects across six continents addressing a range of social issues; commissioned four research projects with leading universities; facilitated groundbreaking action in child protection, girls’ education, urban communities, sustainability, and STEM education; and built sustainable sport courts in disadvantaged communities around the world. How would you describe the impact of the Beyond Sport Awards on the winners?
Nick Keller: The impact of the awards on the winners goes far further than a package of financial support. We have watched partnerships build on the back of award success, media exposure promoting the causes being addressed, and organisations grow from strength to strength. We celebrate organisations of all scale through the awards and the greatest impact we feel we can have is helping develop these organisations into fully sustainable programmes.


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Paul Hunt


Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 23:00