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Borussia Commondale fosters youth development and peace in South Africa


Borussia Commondale fosters youth development and peace in South Africa

Borussia Commondale strives to use football as a tool to overcome discrimination, improve health and combat disease, promote gender equality, fight violence and secure environmental sustainability in the rural Commondale area.


Over the past years the rural farming community of Commondale has been severely affected by both the HIV and TB pandemic. Project Thol’ulwazi thol’impilo brought in peer educators that are providing HIV/AIDS lessons and blood tests to the people. However, they face the challenge that many men do not get tested or adhere to the treatment.

Therefore Borussia Commondale was formed to reach more men and especially young people. The organisation taps into the local people’s passion for sports and uses football as a tool to offer the services that are still lacking. As such the Commondale Football Project (BCFP) supports existing youth development initiatives and assists in establishing new ones in up to 50 farms around the area.

Currently Borussia Commondale collaborates with the following organisations:

  • Tho’lulwazi Thol’impilo HIV/AIDS education for farm communities
  • Highveled East Aids Project Support
  • Right to Care
  • Mkhondo Local Football Association

The organisation also partners with the Borussia Commondale Booster Club located in Dortmund, Germany. This partnership can be traced back the very foundation of Borussia Commondale, since it was a meeting between the management of the local Izintethe football team and the fan project from Dortmund that sparked the initial idea for the BCFP in 2010.

The Project

Borussia Commondale combines football education and training with development measures for thousands of young people. The project offers free football training to the children while at the same time teaching them useful life lessons. In addition, the project also provides some assistance to the ten teams currently competing in the Commondale league at the senior level.

Besides focusing on health and youth development, Borussia Commondale also aims to improve the standard of infrastructure, especially focusing on schools and building a stadium. The idea is that building proper infrastructure will provide job opportunities during the construction phase and beyond. Moreover, developing and spreading the game of football is intended to fight crime and drug and alcohol abuse since youth will be focusing on football and will have less time to get into trouble.

Most recently Borussia Commondale is also making an effort to support people with disabilities. The organisation plans to provide them with materials such as walking sticks, crutches and wheelchairs to make their lives easier, as well as to include them in sports and physical activities when possible.

Muzi Hlatshwayo
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