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British Judo chief executive finds similarities between sport governing bodies and NGOs


British Judo chief executive finds similarities between sport governing bodies and NGOs

British Judo chief executive, Andrew Scoular, visited International Inspiration’s (IN) Access and Empowerment programme in Bangladesh last year to see how National Governing Bodies (NGBs) could learn from and share expertise with international development organisations.

With the aim of seeing how I could learn from the Centre for Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) and also share my expertise in sport, I kept an open mind about how I would fulfil my objectives for the trip.

I wanted to know how the charity has been able to grow in such a turbulent environment; how they implemented a community programme for the disabled in a challenging patriarchal structure and how to develop such a strong programme with ever-changing funding. I was very keen to see how this could strengthen the work of British Judo.

Dedicated volunteers
The first impression gained is one of family and loyalty. Throughout the tour we were introduced to staff who had been with CRP for more than 10 years. It is unbelievable how so many volunteers are ready and willing to support the projects and return time after time.

These volunteers are a valuable resource to the centre. It is an area where NGBs could look at – bringing in more interns to support some specialist technical expertise outside of the sport specific areas.

Seeing sport in action
We saw sporting activities which integrated able-bodied students from the local school. The session was fun and the children really enjoyed themselves. One of the large barriers to accessing sport is travel and the time it takes to get to the session, as the majority of participants relied on public transport or foot to attend.

The sessions were well planned and highlighted key issues that are faced by the families in Bangladesh and especially families who have a disabled family member.

The Access and Empowerment programme is managed by IN in partnership with CRP and supported by Comic Relief.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 23:00