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Bula Hoops: Creating healthy, fit and confident Fijians

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Bula Hoops: Creating healthy, fit and confident Fijians

Bula Hoops, a grassroots program which inspires the next generation of basketballers to make good decisions on and off the court is back!

One of FIBA’s Basketball for Good programs, Bula Hoops, is back up and running in a big way in Fiji. 

Aligning with one of FIBA’s strategic priorities to empower national federations, Bula Hoops is coordinated at local schools and on community courts across the region with Basketball Fiji staff delivering the programs.  William Peter is the National Hoops for Health Coordinator in Fiji and has seen the difference the program is making.

“As coaches, we are enjoying seeing participants not only learn about basketball, but also keeping the community active and educated about healthy lifestyles,” Peter said.  “Parents and families appreciate Bula Hoops because it gives their children the opportunity to exercise and keep active in a world full of gadgets and online games.  They also enjoy the fun games-based approach that we incorporate within the program.”

Participants are seeing a difference too, attributing healthier eating habits and increased confidence on and off the court. One participant, Magdalen Miller, said, “Bula Hoops really made me come out of my shell and it’s now easier for me to make friends because I have more self-confidence.”  Another program participant, Hanisi Liu-Taukave, added, “I am a healthier and fitter version of myself after doing Bula Hoops.”

A recent Bula Hoops program concluded with a mini 3x3 tournament being played at the final session.  The young ballers relished the opportunity to play basketball in a tournament style and will take their off-court program learning back to their families and community.

FIBA Executive Director – Oceania, Amanda Jenkins said, “Basketball for Good takes shape across Oceania in various forms and Bula Hoops is a wonderful example of the positive impact this program has on the community. Basketball Fiji have a great team delivering programs and with the support of the Australian Government through Team Up, we will be able to continue facilitating these programs that are beneficial for basketball, and community development.”

Basketball for Good programs facilitate the FIBA Foundation’s mission to use the power of basketball to initiate positive change. Basketball for Good in Oceania is supported by the Australian Government through Team Up and delivered by FIBA and its partners.

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Friday, June 3, 2022 - 22:55

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