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Call for applications: Sport Leadership Programme

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Call for applications: Sport Leadership Programme

Dream. Speak up. Act. Be a leader and lead the change. Create tomorrow’s sports culture today. One can create a change, but many people can generate a movement – and set standards for the new normal.

Lead the change – be the change

By empowering and equipping leaders with strong tools to think, learn and act we can transform the sport movement. New Leaders need a platform to exchange ideas and practise their skills. They need people around to get inspired and inspire in return. New Leaders need tools to act. Action creates change.

Apply now – at the latest by 31 Oct!

This education, its three workshops and a closing conference allow participants to become game-changers in the period of one year. In total 30 European participants will be selected, ideally 15 females and 15 males. Concrete action plans will be designed on a personal and organisational level, creating a culture of change in Europe.

Topics of strategic leadership, communications, public speaking, lobbying and conflict management will be viewed through the lenses of equality, sustainability, human rights and ethics. In addition, contend is designed to implement the IOC Gender Equality Recommendations into action.

Mentoring Champions will share their wisdom with the generation of New Leaders, and together shape the future of sport. We all have a role to play.

New Leaders Programme is a joint educational effort of IOC and EOC, run by the Finnish Olympic Committee. Co-operation partners include amongst others NOC of Lithuania and NOC of Ireland.

Europe will play a key role in showcasing and leading the way in educating future leaders. Based on experiences from Europe the New Leaders Programme will be implemented in other continents as well, creating a net of global Olympic game-changers.


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Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 11:03

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