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Call for articles: International Day of Sport for Development and Peace


Call for articles: International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

In this special edition call for articles, we are asking you to report on an IDSDP celebration you attend, using various types of media.

In August 2013, the 67th United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that 6 April would be observed as the "International Day of Sport for Development and Peace". It was the result of a long history of partnership building, increasing use of sport in addressing development issues and growing recognition of its effectiveness. The first IDSDP took place in 2014.

Last year, the sport and development sector celebrated with a wide variety of activities and events, many of which were highlighted on sportanddev prior to the day. This year, you again have the opportunity to highlight your activities on the “who’s doing what ” page of our IDSDP section.

However, in a separate call, we are also making a special effort to encourage those involved in or attending IDSDP celebrations to report on their experience. Whether participating in a campaign, sporting event, advocacy activity or anything else to mark the occasion, we would love to hear from you. You are encouraged to be creative in communicating your experience – whether it be through articles, videos, photographs, podcasts, artwork or any other means – and we will share your contribution with the global sport and development community.

We would also encourage you to think more deeply about the IDSDP, your involvement in it and what it means in a broader sense, especially if you’re writing an article. The sharing of information can enable others to learn from your experiences and help us to achieve a greater impact in 2016. As examples, you could think about the following questions:

  • What were the main achievements of your event/activity?
  • What were the main challenges in organising the event/activity?
  • What was the overall impact of your event/activity and the IDSDP?
  • What do you have planned for next year?

We request that contributions are sent to before Thursday 23 April. If writing an article, please keep it to a maximum of 250 words and refer to our “How to write for News & Views” guide.

The second IDSDP promises to be an exciting occasion. We look forward to hearing about your activities and highlighting some interesting and creative representations of them.


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Paul Hunt


Monday, April 6, 2015 - 12:00

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