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Can sport contribute to the protection and promotion of Human Rights?


Can sport contribute to the protection and promotion of Human Rights?

New book explores the role and function sport could have in developing community and international law.

Entitled ´Sport, European Union and Human Rights. The sporting phenomenon and its functions in community and international law,´ this book aims to offer a view of the sports phenomenon. Starting from the main structures that govern it, and looking at the implications for community legislation/norms and at the contribution sport could make to the protection and promotion of Human Rights.

Sport, in all the shapes and forms it has assumed in the past fifty years, has entered and affected many areas of society and forced society to change in line with the new realities.

Thus from study of its rules to its use as an influential tool in international relations, sport has established itself as an actor that can no longer be ignored in many interaction contexts.

Four years ago, in recognition of the importance of the theme, the Human Rights Centre has organised a specific course within the Jean Monnet programme of the European Commission.

Please note that this publication is only available in Italian. To order a copy, please reference ISBN number: 978 88 6129 765 4

About the authors:

Jacopo Tognon is a lawyer working in the field of justice in sport as the Arbitro of the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport di Lausanne and President of the Corte Federale Federazione Ciclistica Italiana. He is director of the journal Rivista Giustizia and Jean Monnet lecturer at the University of Padova, where he teaches Human Rights and Sport in EU Law, in the Faculty of Political Science. He is the author of various publications and articles on the subject and, especially, on Community Laws relating to Sport.

Antonella Stelitano has a degree in International Relations from the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Padua and works for a Foundation. She has been studying sport in International relations for many years now with particular reference to Olimpism, Sport, Peace and Human Rights. In 2008, she published “The Olympics and Politics. The IOC in the International relations system" and is currently publishing other works in collaboration with various Universities and study centres both in Italy and abroad.


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