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Committing to peace and Olympic values in Pristina


Committing to peace and Olympic values in Pristina

The Kosovo Olympic Committee is organising an IDSDP celebration for children and youth.


Young school children and public figures will gather at the Pristina sports palace in a public manifestation of the unity through body composition of the Olympic rings. They will also sign white papers as a symbol of peace for the newborn state of Kosovo and communicate the values of sport for development and peace through pictures on social media. The president of the Kosovo Olympic Committee will send a message to the media and public, especially the non-sporting sector.

6 April means an opportunity to celebrate the value we benefit from being engaged and part of the sporting community. It is through sport that we grow, that we learn the values in life, that we learn how to be winners and that the most significant win is that of going forward together, and improving ourselves to give our best, in harmony with life and nature and society.

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Elda Gjoka


Saturday, April 4, 2015 - 23:00