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Common Goal: Football as a force for good

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Common Goal: Football as a force for good

An initiative developed by streetfootballworld harnesses the popularity of the sport to create positive social impact.

Common Goal aims to support grassroots football programmes worldwide. Its goal is to encourage professional players to donate to football charities, while calling attention to the sport's power to bring together communities.

Professional footballer Juan Mata has already committed to contributing 1% of his salary to Common Goal. In an article for The Players Tribune, he explains the long-term goal “to unlock 1% of the entire football industry’s revenues for grassroots football charities that strengthen their communities through sport.”

While 1% may seem miniscule, this could equate to $30 billion per year, if applied to the industry’s revenues.

A promotional video features Mata playing against a local team in Mumbai in which he reinforces the importance of community:

Through Common Goal, I can team up with other footballers from all over the world. Together we can use the game as a force for good.”

The next step is to gather more donation pledges from professional league players. In the spirit of uniting football fans worldwide, the initiative also hopes to accumulate social media support with #CommonGoal.


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Monday, August 7, 2017 - 16:42