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Cross Cultures Project Association: Fun Peace in Lebanon


Cross Cultures Project Association: Fun Peace in Lebanon

CCPA organize several tournaments in Lebanon to provide people from different backgrounds with the opportunity to meet each other on and around the football pitch…

As part of the Popular Club programme, every month CCPA Lebanon organises several festivals, tournaments and meetings between the more than 80 CCPA Popular Clubs. The clubs from different parts of the country involve children and trainers from different backgrounds who meeting, become friends and have fun on and around the football pitch.

During the last week, CCPA Mini Tournaments were held in Beirut and in the Fakha-area of the Bekaa for more than 100 boys and girls. In Beirut, 5 Popular Clubs from Beirut and Mount Lebanon took part in the tournament. Organising activities in the capital of Beirut is often very difficult due to the lack of facilities and not least because of the current political situation. CCPA Lebanon borrowed football pitches in Kaskas, and managed to bring both Christian, Sunnite and Shiite children together. A new club from the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila were also invited, and the children were happy to meet friends from outside the camps.

Also in the Bekaa, Christian, Sunnite and Shiite children were playing together during an event held at the Kayrawan School in Fakha. Almost half of the children were girls, which is a very impressive number in this area, as it is rare for boys and girls to play together. A new club will be formed in Fakha and two female coaches from this club helped organise the activities. Hopefully these two coaches can help bringing even more girls to the football pitch. Both women were looking forward to the upcoming CCPA coach education, where they will take part together with 88 other new coaches from 30 new clubs from every region of the country.

The CCPA tournaments and festivals will continue all over the country – and the “Fun & Peace” is hoped to reach thousands of children.


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Monday, February 21, 2011 - 23:00

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