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Developing a coach, developing a leader


Developing a coach, developing a leader

In line with its efforts of grooming and mentoring future leaders of sport development, Pro4Sport Solutions (P4SS) delivered a sport-specific training workshop for young coaches in the eastern province of Odisha, India.

Volleyball course piloted

Sport development organisation, P4SS successfully conducted a two-day level one coaching course in the sport of volleyball for ten young sporting enthusiasts in the Ganjam region of Odisha. The newly-developed course was delivered at the head office of rural development organisation Gram Vikas in the second week of August. The course marks the beginning of P4SS' efforts to further strengthen its coach development programme, which already consists of a community coaching course. The course trained participants on basic volleyball techniques and how to build a team. Building on the community coaching course, which taught participants the skills of team management, leadership, communication and people management, this sport-specific coaching course in volleyball dealt with the technical aspects of the game and improved participant’s knowledge base.

The course was divided into two parts. The first part dealt with theory and videos were shown illustrating basic technique to the participants. The second aspect of the course included training in sport-specific drills and fitness specific drills, which were demonstrated and then practiced by each participant. P4SS resident coaches presided over the course. Participants came from the local villages of Mohuda, Kankia and Vikaspur.

Programme goals
Speaking about the initiative, P4SS co-founder Suheil Tandon said that the aim of the programme was to train specialised coaches who could become future leaders of sport development in the region and ensure skill development, creating livelihood opportunities for youth coming from marginalised communities.

Since the inception of its coach development programme in June this year, P4SS has trained 40 participants in sport-specific and general coaching skills. P4SS plans to train 60 more participants in these courses over the next nine months to achieve its goal of training 100 people by May 2014.

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Monday, August 19, 2013 - 23:00