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East Africa Cup trainee journalist reviews the week in Moshi


East Africa Cup trainee journalist reviews the week in Moshi

As part of the BBC World Service Trust's involvement in the East Africa Cup, a developing sports broadcaster named Daniel Wahome has been given in-depth media training which has helped him improve his skills to the point where he now has his own article on the BBC website.

In the article Daniel speaks of the importance of the tournament to the hundreds of individuals who take part each year and to the communities which they come from.

He gives a review of the actvities provided by the organisers and partner orgasnisations, with the impact these will have for all involved, including both boys and girls, able-bodied and disabled players, coaches, and finally journalists like himself.

In explaining the power of the tournament to bring people together he uses an example of 2 young men whose pasts would suggest unbreakable resentment, yet who played together for the same team in Moshi.

A large part of Daniel's focus was on the effort made by the 8 participating countries to be present at the tournament, especially South Sudan which is the world's newest country, and whose team travelled for a total of 4,000 km for one of Africa's biggest youth events.

You can view Daniel's article from the BBC World Service Trust here.

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Tom Browne


Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 23:00

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