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The European Paralympic Committee on the move: Shaping the future together


The European Paralympic Committee on the move: Shaping the future together

Hosted by the Portugal Paralympic Committee in Lisbon, the European Paralympic family gathered on the 2 and 3 of October 2015 for its 11th General Assembly & Conference.

The biennial gathering of the European Paralympic family was divided into two parts; a both informing and engaging Conference day, and the General Assembly, the supreme governing body of EPC that is held every two years.

The Conference Day was divided in turn into two parts; a morning session with information about the work successfully implemented by EPC with and for its members, and an afternoon session dedicated to the exploration of steps towards the future development of the organisation.

EPC General Assembly
The 11th EPC General Assembly took place on the 3 October. The activity report and financial report presented by the EPC President were supported and adopted by the membership. With ParaVolley Europe, a new EPC member adopted into the organisation. A ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ was signed with the European Women and Sport (EWS) network. As an outcome of the development of closer relations with the European Olympic Committee, relationship of the EPC athletes’ representative with the EOC Athletes Committee was announced.

Outcomes of discussions included that EPC will establish a working group regarding the development of envisaged European Para Youth Games 2017, with a clear bid process to be established. Furthermore, an increase of the EPC membership fee with effect from 2016 was adopted, a working group on EPC collaboration structures under the leadership of NPC Ireland will be established, and a letter to IPC from the EPC General Assembly related to the use of the last sport slot for the 2020 Paralympic Games was agreed.

“The discussions during the two days were lively, and especially the development workshop, both as a tool itself and with regards to outcomes reached. It was positively received by the EPC membership, with all representatives actively engaged in it”, concluded John Petersson, who directly shared his observations with the audience at the end of the Conference day.

The EPC Executive Board will now duly discuss all outcomes of the Conference and General Assembly 2015 and develop a strategic position paper that will be shared and discussed with the full EPC membership. With it, it is the EPC's aim to “listen to its members” and to steadily improve its management and governance processes, in order “to maximise EPC’s pulse, with a more engaged and proactive membership”.

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