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First item on the agenda: Urban sport for social good

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First item on the agenda: Urban sport for social good

The Peace and Sport International Forum is almost upon us, so sportanddev looks at three organisations setting an example in urban sport for social good.

The Peace and Sport International Forum kicks off tomorrow in Monaco, with an agenda covering a broad range of topics. This year’s theme is “Investing in Peace, Acting through Sport”, and attendees will gather to engage in talks, discussions and debates.

The first session of the forum will be a roundtable focussed on “unleashing the potential of new and urban sport for social good”. With that in mind, below are some sport and development organisations running urban sport programmes.


Wallrunners is based in the Gaza Strip and offers parkour and coding lessons to youth. The organisation is “a gym, a bootcamp, a school – a creative community,” offering a safe environment for children to learn and develop.

Athletes from PK Gaza (a parkour and freerunning team) teach parkour to youth, while the coding bootcamp teaches young women to become developers. The founders of the organisation are Ahmad, the parkour lead, Majd, the operations lead providing clean energy to the operations, and Tom, the fundraising lead.

Dream House Uganda

Dream House Uganda is an initiative in Mbale in eastern Uganda. It uses dance, skateboarding and art to bring together youth from different backgrounds and promote peace and education. The organisation offers a range of activities from breakdance to graffiti art to skateboarding, all to promote health, equality and education.

The organisation offers life skills training, fosters creative entrepreneurship and promotes community responsibility. Dream House Uganda is a youth-centred initiative working to create understanding and responsible future generations.

Street League

Street League works to tackle youth unemployment in the UK. Its programmes offer street football, dance and fitness combined with work and life skills to help young people get jobs.

Street League is committed to having a sustainable impact by continuing to offer support and career advice after a young person has completed the course. The organisation offers programmes to 16-24 year olds in 14 locations around the UK.

The Peace and Sport International Forum has an extensive agenda covering many more topics in sport and development. sportanddev has a media partnership with Peace and Sport for the event and will be covering it by bringing you a range of articles on the highlights of the forum. Thank you to Peace and Sport for inviting us to cover the event.


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