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Football in indigenous communities

Football in indigenous communities

"JA DENGÄ BOLABDTÄ” or “Let’s play football” is the motto of one of the newest projects of SEPROJOVEN. And the name of the project is what it is about: playing football!

As in the project of the mediators, sponsored by the Olympic Committee of Costa Rica, “JA DENGÄ BOLABDTÄ” is about forming leaders who can be ideals in their communities, playing football and having fun together.

Together with the indigenous leaders and young persons, SEPROJOVEN is building up a football school for children living in the indigenous communities “Ngobes” in the territory of “Conte Burica”, located in the south of Costa Rica.
But football is only the tool to give them new chances, show the children how to protect and defend the environment and their communities and strengthen the organization between the indigenous communities “Ngobes”.

Hand in hand SEPROJOVEN is working with the members of the indigenous communities which are often discriminated against, to strenghten their rights and do not let them unnoticed.


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Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 00:00

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