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From Germany to South Africa, two football clubs team up


From Germany to South Africa, two football clubs team up

A South African football team partners with German club, Borussia Dortmund, with fantastic results.


Before 2009 a football team called Izintethe FC was formed. A year later in April 2010 Muzi Hlatchwayo who managed this football team met Rolf Arnd Marewski from Dortmund. Their idea to establish a football club for young people in the Commondale area was discussed and this led to the formation of Borussia Commondale with the support from Germany in terms of sport equipment. Then Borussia Commondale was introduced to local Commondale farmers who liked and supported the idea of building a sports project like founding a football club.

So another two years later after playing tournaments within the Commondale area and further planning and especially writing a club constitution, Borussia Commondale is now a registered non profit organisation. After this registration BC management started to promote the sports in the area, to improve the infrastructure like a sportsground, changing rooms etc. and to integrate the community. This all should assist with fighting against crime, drug and alcohol abuse since youth will focused on education and football. In this time Borussia Commondale created three football teams of different age groups.

During the various discussions regarding the constitution and how to involve many football teams, the idea was born to build up a football association for the Commondale area.

The future
Borussia Commondale FA is our baby and we will be Borussia Commondale forever. We wish to work and succeed with our dreams. The schools around the area will be involved to the project as they are the key to our development and for the young people to stay focused on life and education.

Football Association and Booster Club
Borussia Commondale Football Association

PO Box 25, Commondale, 2385, Mpumalanga, South Africa

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Muzi Hlatshwayo


Friday, September 9, 2016 - 23:00