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ICSSPE’s PRIME Project in all ranks a great success

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ICSSPE’s PRIME Project in all ranks a great success

A high-class evaluation by the EU Commission has reviewed ICSSPE's project centred around disability inclusion through sport.

The ICSSPE led PRIME Project which focused on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the martial arts, has been given an extraordinarily high grade – 94% - by the European Union.

The 94% grade was given in response to a three-year programme of research, workshops, field-testing, and conferences, all head towards a model designed to increase participation in martial arts, through upskilling both existing and new coaches. The central element of the PRIME Project is the Handbook. It offers the guiding framework for a unifying model of coach education.

The developed model draws on a number of guiding concepts such as The Martial Arts as a Way; An Adaptive Application of Models of Disability; and The Inclusion Spectrum.

The PRIME Handbook, and support materials, were an attempt to integrate these concepts and clarify these distinctions in a way that will support coaches in their ambitions for a genuinely inclusive martial arts environment.


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Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 10:54