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IDSDP 2019 is two months away!

IDSDP 2019 is two months away!

The sixth International Day of Sport for Development and Peace is approaching.

Every 6 April, the world celebrates the potential of sport as a tool to achieve development goals and promote peace. This year is especially important given the increasing focus on sport as a contributor to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The December UN Resolution on sport and the SDGs reaffirms the importance of sport as a driver of social and economic development. The recent collaboration between FIFA, UNESCO and the UN World Food Programme also highlights sport as an integral part of education and social change— showing continued progress for sport and development and the value of shared visions across sectors.

In previous years, sportanddev has published hundreds of contributions from the community highlighting their events, plans and commentary in honour of IDSDP. We are looking forward to sharing even more updates this year in our IDSDP 2019 section, where you can submit your plans for the day – the call for submissions will be launched soon, so watch this space!

We will also be announcing a worldwide challenge celebrating the universality of sport and its global reach as a tool for peace. Be sure to follow us in the coming weeks for more information on how to participate!

For inspiration about how to plan for 6 April, visit our IDSDP section. Let us know on social media what you are looking forward to this year, using #sport2030, #sport4SDGs and #IDSDP2019.


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Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 15:49

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