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Increasing cultural inclusion in sports clubs

Author: Game Plan
Copyrights: Centre for Multicultural Youth

Increasing cultural inclusion in sports clubs

Game Plan is a suite of resources to support sports clubs to increase their cultural diversity and to attract and retain young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in sport and sports clubs – as members, players, coaches, trainers and leaders.

Increasing cultural diversity in an organisation such as a sports club or body, is possible when the organisation is more culturally inclusive.

Game Plan provides an introduction to how to do this for sports clubs, sporting bodies, State Sporting Associations and other organisations working with sports clubs and associations.

Warm Up

Game Plan Warm Up is a quick and interactive online resource that will introduce you to the benefits of becoming a culturally inclusive club, the challenges faced by young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in accessing sport, and what you can do to begin developing Your Game Plan.

Your Game Plan

Download and complete the Game Plan tool to develop a tailored action plan for your club. Your Game Plan will help you work towards becoming a more culturally inclusive club, and attracting and keeping a club membership that more widely reflects Australia’s multicultural community.

Resource Kit

The Resource Kit contains comprehensive information to help you understand the context facing young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and more ideas, strategies and templates to assist you in developing Your Game Plan.

About the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)

The CMY is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation supporting young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to build better lives in Australia.

Our purpose is to ensure that young people have every opportunity to succeed in Australia. Through a combination of specialist support services, training and consultancy, knowledge sharing and advocacy, we are working to remove the barriers young people face as they make Australia their home.

Visit The Centre for Multicultural Youth website to find out more.


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