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Infographic: Girl's guide to exercise

Copyrights: Polona Fonda and Vecteezy

Infographic: Girl's guide to exercise

This infographic by Polona Fonda explores the benefits of exercise and provides tips to get started.

Exercise is essential for our well-being: it affects all aspects of our lives, from happiness to health. Unfortunately many girls have negative experiences with it, me included. Girl’s guide to exercise aims to change that.

  • Exercise can boost our academic performance and helps us perform better at school
  • Research suggests physical activity can make us feel better about our bodies
  • Exercise is also positively related to preventing domestic and drug abuse, eating disorders, obesity and all other health conditions

What is exercise?

Exercise is any activity which requires physical effort and improves our fitness. The activities can vary from walking to learning a new sport.

Exercise can vary in intensity: from light to moderate and high. It also comes in different forms: aerobic (activities like running and cycling) and anaerobic (sports like weightlifting and certain track and field disciplines).

You can download the complete infographic here.


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