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Khel Vikas: 11-day volleyball camp for upcoming rural athletes


Khel Vikas: 11-day volleyball camp for upcoming rural athletes

A camp in eastern India has helped participants on the Khel Vikas programme to improve on team building and technical aspects of their playing abilities.

Teaching rural athletes the techniques of volleyball for four months has been a heartwarming experience. They had no idea of the rules and technique when I started in February but with hard work and regular practice they now have the right skills to play and successfully compete against local teams. To further develop the skill-set and improve fitness levels, the Khel Vikas team developed a specialised athlete development camp during May. The camp focused on technical aspects such as control, service and spiking, team-building activities and the strength and conditioning component. 

For the first three months, these athletes played without shoes on a court that was on a slope and had numerous stones jutting out of the ground. Buying new shoes was not a possibility because of our small budget. With the help of friends in my hometown, Pondicherry, we collected second-hand shoes and got them repaired. The shoes were given out on the first day of the camp. This was a big boost to the programme as it helped in injury prevention.

The camp started by trying to improve the basic control of athletes. There were sessions in the gym as well that focused on physical training and development. They also played a match against one of the local villages so they could be tested in new surroundings and conditions. They have already played a few matches away from home and have showed great presence of mind by winning them all.

Despite the hot conditions, with temperatures regularly above 40 degrees centigrade, the camp was a resounding success as these young athletes developed a better understanding of the sport besides enhancing their team skills, athleticism and game play. The camp was a big step in our effort to come up with a long-term athlete development plan for the volleyball programme. In June, our team will go to the rural schools of Gram Vikas which are located in the districts of Kalahandi, Ganjam and Gajapati for talent scouting to bring more players into our volleyball programme. 


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Rohan Kandoi


Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 23:00