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Khel Vikas: An interview with a coach

Khel Vikas: An interview with a coach

A video featuring Cormac Whelan, head of strength and conditioning at Pro4Sport Solutions, has highlighted the potential for the Khel Vikas weightlifting programme to transform the lives of children.

Cormac Whelan talks about the situation when he arrived in Odisha, eastern India, to work on Khel Vikas, a project run by Pro4Sport Solutions in partnership with local NGO Gram Vikas: "I couldn't help but notice they were training in their bare feet and using each other to catch the falling bars," he says. Despite this, he could sense the enthusiasm among participants. "I couldn't help but notice their commitment and focus to learning the sport."

Cormac's first action was to create a nutrition plan for the children, introducing fish and eggs into their diet so they were consuming much needed proteins and natural fats.

Cormac also made improving safety a priority, though he had to keep the project's financial limitations in mind. "We've managed to do a lot with our limited resources and small budget over the past months. Simple things like weightlifting shoes." With Cormac's assistance, weightlifting shoes were fashioned from basic sport shoes, mats were made from locally sourced materials and rollers were put together using cricket balls.

Cormac plans to set up a long term athlete development structure, so the children can reach their full potential. Over 7 years ago, he started out as a personal trainer in Ireland. He has a degree in sports science, and has worked for high performance institutes and clubs all around the world such as the Canadian Institute of Sport and Oxford United Football Club. 

Watch the video for more information on Cormac and the Khel Vikas programme.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - 23:00