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The Millennium Development Goals: The role of international sports bodies and federations


The Millennium Development Goals: The role of international sports bodies and federations

As organisations around the world work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals ahead of the 2015 target, UK Sport shares how their ongoing global collaborations with international sports bodies and federations are supporting MDGs in Africa.

The result of supporting the work of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) is seen not only by the numbers of young people now benefitting from their involvement in sport, but from recognition within the continent.

Tubby Reddy, CEO of SASCOC says UK Sport funding has allowed SASCOC “to develop the South African coaching framework which is the first coaching framework not only in South Africa, but in Africa.” Two pilot research programmes at the University of Pretoria and University of Stellenbosch, will be completed in June and will form the basis for future development of the framework.

UK Sport, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games Federation, have for the past four years continued to increase the capacity of IFNA’s development projects by supporting the position of the IFNA African Development Manager to reach out to girls from communities across the continent. The impact of IFNA’s work was recognised at the Africa International Sports Convention (CISA) earlier this month, as the ‘Netball for Peace’ project in Burundi, which included training army officers as coaches and umpires and engaging girls in netball sessions, won an award in the Sport Humanitarian Actions category. The ‘significant contribution to peace and the promotion of sport in Africa,’ at the awards ceremony perfectly exemplifies the power of global partnerships in achieving global partnerships, MDG eight, and Gender Equality, MDG two.

Priya Samuel, International Sport Development Manager at UK Sport said, “We are pleased to see the growth of the sport in Africa to provide opportunities to link with other regional strategic programmes.”

By investing in the development of sustainable sports structures, UK Sport aims to leave a legacy that will continue to impact the lives of some of Africa’s poorest populations.


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Mel Paramasivan


Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 23:00