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Module 1 workshop for physical education teachers successfully held in Gujarat!

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Module 1 workshop for physical education teachers successfully held in Gujarat!

Excellence in Learning and Management of Sports and Physical Literacy (ELMS) Sports Foundation, under the patronage of Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG), has successfully completed the Module 1 workshop of the ‘Train the Trainers’ programme.

This workshop, which is one of the biggest projects of its kind in the country in the field of physical education, was attended by over 150 physical education (PE) teachers from the four zones of Gujarat. This training programme was delivered by the ELMS team of experts in Bhavnagar, Gujarat between 26 July and 2 August.

The topics covered in this workshop included the following:

  • Role of education: The topics touched upon in the session ranged from the role of a teacher, goal of education, respect and trust, and success in sports
  • Self & body: These sessions focused on human beings as a co-existence of self and body and the difference between knowing, assuming, recognising and fulfilment of the self and body
  • Lesson plans: The significance of planning lessons in teaching and training, which includes creating goals and the sequence of steps to achieve that goal
  • Child development: Understanding development, understanding the different learning styles and the various stages of development
  • Understanding child psychology: In this session on child psychology for PE teachers, the trainers touched upon topics such as emotions, the concept of learning and learning styles that different children fall into

In addition to these sessions, each day was bracketed by workouts in the mornings and evenings. These carefully-curated workouts gave the PE teachers a glimpse of adding variety and fun to their workouts with children.

Speaking about the importance of the workshop, one of the experts from ELMS said: “Helping PE teachers understand child psychology and child development is essential in helping them create an environment that encourages every child to participate in physical activity. This is not only important in terms of health or to get medals, but also to facilitate the overall growth as a person.”

Chief National Coach for the Indian Badminton team and mentor of ELMS, Pullela Gopichand said: “I would like to congratulate all the PE teachers who have successfully completed the first module of the Train the Trainers Program. It is their participation and enthusiasm that drives us in our journey towards physical literacy.

Former World and Olympic champion and mentor of ELMS, Abhinav Bindra said: “We would like to thank all the teachers who took the time out to attend this training workshop. We look forward to their continued support to make this programme a success.”

The encouraging response and participation by all the PE teachers in the sessions has set the foundation for more such workshops in the future.

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