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Offering online sport for development resources

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Offering online sport for development resources

United Play International

How will you be celebrating IDSDP 2020?

On 6 April we will be launching the joint website for our three branches.This site is designed to offer free sport for development resources for coaches, teachers, and community activists around the world. It will also bring awareness of our mission to creating sporting opportunities for all people.

What does 6 April mean to you?

6 April is a day that means a tremendous amount to us because it validates all of the hard work we do at United Play. This internationally recognised day signifies the importance of sport, and the power that it has to positively develop the lives of those who participate. It is a day that encompasses both our passion for sport, and commitment to community development.

Visit the United Play International website for more information.


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Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 17:09

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