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Part 2: Want to win in impact? Maximise measurements and increase value

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Part 2: Want to win in impact? Maximise measurements and increase value

In the first part of this article that appeared in the last newsletter, we outlined a few of the trends we’ve seen around measurement and evaluation. In part two below, we pick up where we left off and share more examples of best practice.

Advancements in Technology

Sticking with the theme of keeping data collection fun, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets aren’t just for movies and games anymore.  Picture your participants wearing a VR headset to report back on health outcomes.

Immersive technology offers the chance for real time data collection. In our collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton Immersive Experience we have seen firsthand how this new technology offers the opportunity for instant results tailored to your needs. 

Some Booz Allen examples include a bike with sensors that measures standard health data as the user pedals.  Another experience, called ‘Coastal Paradise’, incorporates mindfulness, breathing, and physical therapy exercises into game play to reduce symptoms of chronic pain--the headset can monitor alpha brainwaves and reductions in stress in real time.

Data Visualization & Communication

Once you have your evaluation finding, how do you present them in a unique way?  Going beyond the traditional written report, start getting creative! In addition to word clouds and infographics, here are a few examples of organizations leveraging innovative techniques for sharing data and outcomes:

What will work best for you? Is there a way for you to incorporate technology in your data collection? What changes can be made to present data in a fun, new way?

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