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Piara Powar appointed to head up FARE reorganisation

Piara Powar appointed to head up FARE reorganisation

The FARE network has been undergoing some re-organisation over the past year and now is a good time to bring everyone up to date with developments so far and plans for the near future.

The FARE Interim Board, elected in Vienna in December 2009, was charged with taking forward changes that included a formalising and democratising of the management of the network. The election of the Interim Board was the first step in this process.

The Interim Board was tasked with setting out a vision of what the future arrangements of the network could look like, building on recommendations set out by a consultant Dr. Robin Wilson, who was tasked to look at routes to change. His report has formed the basis of the board's activities and focus.

It was agreed that a secretariat was to be set up and an open recruitment process for the head of the organisation was begun.The board examined the applications of numerous good candidates and a series of personal interviews were conducted for those selected. Ultimately Piara Powar was selected as the new Executive Director of FARE.

Piara, whose previous post was as Director of Kick It Out in the UK, came into post at the beginning of July and is now working on formally registering FARE as a European NGO, most probably in the Netherlands. Over the summer he, together with the Interim Board, will recruit additional members for the Secretariat.

The FARE Interim Board will be working with FairPlay/VIDC and the organisations who worked as part of the FARE Admin Group to determine the handover of key parts of the activities of the network, some of which may stay with FairPlay or other groups for this year under the terms of a European Commission contract. The board will communicate an overview of the results of their discussions.

The board will also be seeking to publish their focus areas and plans over the summer to ensure that all partners and network members are aware of what we are doing and how they can contribute to building on the achievements of the past 10 years.

The Interim Board would like to express gratitude to FairPlay and the Admin Group for their excellent work and dedication over that 10 year period. There are presently two acting officers of the Interim Board, namely Howard Holmes as Chair and Yvette Jarvis as Vice-Chair.

The board hope to have FARE registered as an NGO in the early Autumn and will set a date for a General Meeting to take place towards the end of 2010 or early in 2011. At that meeting the Interim Board will cease its work and a new FARE Board will be elected according to the new statutes.

We will ensure that you are notified of the arrangements for the General Meeting and all other activities promptly.

Piara can be contacted with any queries directly at:


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