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'Ping Pong Paz' - Peace Through Table Tennis


'Ping Pong Paz' - Peace Through Table Tennis

Recently the International Table Tennis Federation joined forces with Peace and Sport, Colombianitos and Butterfly to launch a new initiative in Colombia, “Ping Pong Paz”.

Ping Pong Paz  which means peace through table tennis in Spanish, was launched at the end of October in three cities of Colombia. Leandro Olvech, the ITTF Co-ordinator of Development Programmes was leading the programme launch in Bogota, Puerto Tejada and Cartagena.

Explaining the roots of the programme Olvech said:
“In 2008, the International Table Tennis Federation and Peace and Sport signed an agreement to work together around the world, the first joint project was established in Colombia, the first visit was in October 2008, after one year the programme Ping Pong Paz was launched.”

Ping Pong Paz involves weekly table tennis classes lead by a professional coach. Executive Director of Colombianitos, Elvira Garavito is excited about the programme and said of the initiative:
“We are starting today a new era for Colombianitos - we are glad to offer table tennis to our children and we hope to reach more than 600 participants soon.”

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Shane Crowhen


Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 23:00

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