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Post-2015 discussions – pledge for sport in the SDGs


Post-2015 discussions – pledge for sport in the SDGs

sportanddev is running an e-Debate inviting featured e-Debaters and the wider community to position ourselves as a sector in the post-2015 development debate.

A web 2.0 consultation process

The post-2015 discussions are fully underway. They started at the beginning of 2012 and will continue until the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are announced at the UN General Assembly Special Summit in September 2015. Officially, the window of opportunity to speak out for inclusions in the new goals will end in spring 2014.

From then onwards, the relevant committees formulating the SDGs will spend time on incorporating as many suggestions as possible from the wide array of interest groups. The process of consulting not only national delegations, but also regional bodies, thematic groups, civil society representatives and even individuals through the World We Want website is unprecedented and signals a huge effort to foster ownership of the future development agenda.

It also symbolises that the global community lives in a web 2.0 world. Not only are opinions of policy experts to be taken into account when setting the SDGs, but good ideas are also to be generated by allowing otherwise silent groups to be heard.

Sport as a horizontal tool to set objectives
Considering ourselves a sector that contributes to reaching the MDGs and also looks beyond, the S&D sector has so far not been too visible in the post-2015 debate. Thus it is high time to speak up through as many of the channels that are still available before the window of opportunity to influence our future closes.

Sport and play should be mentioned as a catalyst to development, a tool for reaching many of the set objectives and a global language comprehensible to all. If used correctly, sport and play can contribute to improving quality of education, overcoming inequalities, building bridges in fragile situations and raising awareness of the consequences of the expected global population growth.

Sport can, and should, be used as a tool to reach all the objectives that have over the past two years developed into the relevant topics to be tackled in the post-2015 global development agenda.

S&D speaking as a sector
sportanddev seeks to streamline the discussion coming from the S&D sector with the ongoing e-Debate. The 12 featured e-Debaters have started us off. Now, everyone is called upon to contribute, on sportanddev and social media, to share their opinions and arguments.

Over the coming weeks, we will look back at what S&D has contributed to the MDGs, debate how we envisage the future and make sure that the community’s voice is heard. At the end of the debate, we hope to produce a collaborative policy brief based on the e-Debaters’ input and the comments from the S&D community that can be forwarded to national ambassadors, civil society representatives and UN officials.

Thus this is a call to everyone in the S&D community to get involved in the e-Debate. It is also a call to join the discussion on all channels available to you and advocate the message: sport and play needs to be included in the SDGs as a relevant, multi-sectoral tool for sustainable human development.


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Jutta Engelhardt


Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 23:00