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Presenting the Mbale Tigers model

Copyrights: Sports science (Main presentation at 11th Sports Science congress)

Presenting the Mbale Tigers model

Emmanuel Matsyetsye will present a paper to top table tennis players on the experiences of the Mbale Tigers.

How will you be celebrating on the day?

I will present a paper to top table tennis players on the experiences of Mbale Tigers and how it has been recognised as a key agent of sports for development in Uganda having been supported by the Swedish International Development Agency SIDA for ten years (2003 - 2013) and the recognition from the government of Uganda when the president sponsored my trip to Yokohama, Japan 2009 for the 11th International Sports Science Congress. Here I presented a paper on the social aspects of table tennis and how it promoted international cooperation and friendship, and the article was published in the International Journal of Sports Sciences Vol. 06, 2010, the Awards from UN Habitat MASHARIK Innovations Award 2006 and the TUMAINI Awards 2014. Several initiatives have ben made following the Mbale Tigers model that was appraised in Sweden at a Lidingo Conference and also at the European Union forum. As a recognition of this won a Scholarship in Greece at Olympia in the International Olympic Academy and Peloponnese University for a Master of Science degree in Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organization and Management of Olympic Events.

What does 6 April mean to you?

It means a great deal because I am a living example of the impact and effects of sports on my personal life as well as on lives of young people who benefited from the table tennis sport with free education from primary level to university and bringing more opportunities to young players emulating the Mbale Tigers methods. There are three promonent table tennis clubs in Uganda registering success including Slum Ping Pong where the two leading youth were identified under my programme while I was president of the Uganda Table Tennis Association. Other initiatives are sprouting in Uganda majorly because of my example that was even recommended to be replicated in the East African countries.


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