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Pro Sport Development presents Khel Vikas annual report 2014/2015


Pro Sport Development presents Khel Vikas annual report 2014/2015

The report highlights Khel Vikas’ (KV) key developments and achievements from the project's physical education programme and after-school sports programmes for 2014-15, details the events held over the past year and reflects on the experiences of the students and staff involved in the project.

As Pro Sport Development has come to the end of another successful season at the KV project, it shares with you the KV annual report 2014-15, which summarises the activities, programmes, competitions and events that took place over the last year at the KV project.

The physical education programme (PE) is the cornerstone of the KV project, catering to 1,300 children in four different schools. The past year saw the programme receive a boost as full-time PE teachers were appointed at all four schools. This was also the first year that the schools were introduced to a structured PE curriculum.

In the KV after-school programmes, 476 students were involved in the past year on a weekly basis, with a 37% female representation, which meant that each week saw a total of 174 girls participating in programmes. Additionally, KV started a community programme in volleyball at a local government high school, providing a platform for a greater number of students to get involved in sports activities.

Overall, it was a wonderful year for Pro Sport Development and the KV project. The attached report provides a more comprehensive description of KV’s programmes and the highlights from this year which you can find as an attachment.

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Vivek Ramanarayanan


Sunday, March 22, 2015 - 23:00