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Raising the white card with Hearts of Ruiru Sports Centre

Copyrights: Inuka Direct/Hearts of Ruiru Sports Centre

Raising the white card with Hearts of Ruiru Sports Centre

For this year’s IDSDP, Inuka Direct partnered with Hearts of Ruiru Sports Centre for a day of football drills teaching communication, problem solving and listening skills in the face of challenges.

With Kenya facing a major water crisis, risk of water borne diseases in major urban centres of Kenya has increased more than ever before. Such risks have been attributed to poor hygienic practices, poor farming methods and the cutting down of trees making children the most vulnerable population group to suffer negative health impacts of outbreaks such as cholera.

When such predicaments take the order of the day, it increases the risk of conflict as communities will tend to migrate to safe areas, hence competition for scarce resources which lead to insecurity and mistrust ensues.

It is important to note that peace doesn’t operate in isolation of various social, cultural, political and environmental factors. Inuka Direct teamed up with Hearts of Ruiru Sports Centre to hold a belated International Day of Sport for Development and Peace modelled around value-based football sessions that simulated a community facing a cholera outbreak. The sessions challenged young children to solve the problem through drills that were attached to pressure football; an aspect of football that forces opponents to make mistakes at specific moments of the game with a view of gaining an advantage likely to make them score soon after transition.

Held at Ruiru Prisons ground, the drills were played in three phases -low, medium and high pressures. The game equipped participants with communication, problem solving, teamwork, empathy and listening skills in challenging situations. To promote leadership skills, participants took part in a teach-back session where team leaders chosen took charge to conduct the drills among their peers who were an average age of 12 years old.

To cap it all, the IDSDP was concluded with a #WhiteCard photo-call activity where participants were photographed holding the card uniquely shaped in Kenyan and African maps.

  • To view moments captured during the sessions, visit Inuka Direct's photobook 

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