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Registration now open for the 2013 Global Peace Games


Registration now open for the 2013 Global Peace Games

All organisations and communities are invited to take part in the Global Peace Games for Children and Youth.

Global friendship and peaceful solutions

The Global Peace Games, which are held each year to coincide with the United Nations International Day of Peace - 21 September - are an opportunity for young people all over the world to demonstrate their commitment to making the world a better and healthier place and to express their solidarity to the mission of global friendship, peaceful solutions and nonviolence.

Nobel handshake for peace
A special message from the United Nations will be sent to all registered participants from the United Nations Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace. All children and youth can sign the UNESCO Manifesto for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, and engage in the Nobel Handshake for Peace. A certificate of participation is prepared for all organisations along with the compiled Global Report on the Games.

This unique grassroot civil society event has been held yearly since 2001. See the attached document for general instructions and registration information. 

Email with any questions or requests for French or Spanish versions of the invite.

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