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Rugby for Refugees in Germany

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Rugby for Refugees in Germany

Rugby United will hold a special training session in Cologne.


Rugby United is an integrative initiative that aims at transmitting social values through the sport of rugby. The programme addresses refugees in Cologne and their host community to strive for peaceful togetherness and improved social integration. Rugby United celebrates 6 April with a special training in which two new wooden huts will be inaugurated. They were built in the past week in the rugby park and will serve as a clothes closet for the sportswear and cleats for the participants. This marks another important step towards our tolerant and inclusive rugby club and most importantly towards the recognition and empowerment of the children and adults in our trainings.


To Rugby United 6 April means the appreciation of the power of sport in all different kinds of development areas. To us personally, it means recognising that sport can play a crucial role in the social integration of refugees into society. We believe that rugby and sport in general are not just a welcome distraction for the oftentimes difficult everyday life of refugees, but that it can be used to transmit important values. Especially Rugby is considered a fair sport in which respect, solidarity and discipline are held high. In our program we try to bring across these values and are keen to further develop our methodology in terms of "Sport for development", so that life skills acquired in out trainings can be taken into other spheres outside the sport scene. At the same time we aim for an inclusive society which also means to sensitize our host community and raise awareness for social change.


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Friday, April 6, 2018 - 16:47

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